Personalized fan-first experiences that go beyond the field
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Your Brand, Your Platform

Build meaningful relationships with viewers

In-stream fantasy broadcasts, fan-driven draft parties, virtual tailgates, press conferences -- no matter your event, Maestro is the interactive video platform to engage your community.

Who uses Maestro

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Deepen fandom
Let the audience participate in the action, driving increased watch time
Enhance sponsor and merch revenue
Offer unique inventory and seamless purchase flows
Get to know your fans
Understand key segments to create tailored experiences


Grow your revenue streams and create new ones

In-stream Betting
Brand Activations
Seamless Merch Integration
VIP Experiences
Let viewers easily place bets without leaving the show
Unique, authentic inventory for brands
Sell team swag within the experience
Invite ticketholders and superfans to exclusive experiences with paywalls and subscriptions

Live data integration

Layer in real-time data to enhance the stream experience

Live stats
Fantasy Integration
Automated overlays
Play-by-play feed helps fans follow the action
Integrate live updates for fantasy team and league
Calls to action automatically trigger at key moments

Gamify the play-along experience

Incentivize engagement and encourage participation

Quests, Rewards, and Giveaways
Prediction Games
Fans get rewarded when they show their team spirit
Foster friendly competition within the community
Drive deeper engagement by rewarding viewers for making predictions

Implementation and analytics made easy

A truly turnkey solution -- leverage Maestro in the way that best suits you

Build It Your Way
Leverage Existing Accounts
Actionable Insights
Anyone Can Do It
Standalone experience or via lightweight SDK/APIs
Add to your dataset by integrating with existing accounts
Understand what’s working and optimize
No technical experience required
What our clients say about maestro
Mike Darlington
CEO, Monstercat

“Maestro has created a unique way to connect with our fans, allowing us to greatly further develop our community's engagement. This has led to a significantly higher click through and purchase completion rate on our own self injected ads through the Maestro platform.”

Mike Lee
Director of Digital Strategy & Sponsorships, Insomniac Events

"Maestro was an intuitive platform allowing us to provide an enhanced user experience. Insomniac is about delivering great visual experiences, and Maestro gave us the canvas to extend our experience digitally. More control to interact with fans and ability to run relevant ad units made both our fans and sponsors happy."

Miranda Eggelston
Director, The Recording Academy - Grammys -

“We had been searching for a solution like Maestro for years. To boost engagement, polls, call-to-action messaging, and real-time GRAMMY winner updates were made possible via Maestro. Also greatly appreciated was the ease with which any sort of display and video ad scenario could be updated and modified.  Most importantly, the professionalism of the Maestro team was incomparable. From day one, their focus and mission was to give us the exact product we wanted, no matter how time consuming. Thank you, Maestro for helping take GRAMMY Live to the next level.”

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