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A shoppable streaming experience for the era of lifestyle brands

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Interactive live streaming
Full Mobile Experience
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Build meaningful relationships with viewers

84% of consumers are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. Maestro is the platform to engage customers and find new ones.

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Create Your Own Home Shopping Network
Frictionless shopping experiences built into live streams that look and feel like you
Convert Viewers into Customers
Powerful out-of-the-box tools to build your mailing list and monetize your audience
No Coding Required
Point. Click. Make Money. Integrate your existing store and launch in a matter of hours
Drive Revenue with Shoppable Video

Host unique live events that influence customers at the point of sale

Retail & Fashion | Maestro Live Streaming
Use Your Existing Store
Frictionless Checkout Flows
Drive Purchase at Key Moments
Seamlessly integrate your Ecommerce store right alongside the event
Viewers complete transactions without leaving the stream
Interactive Overlays drive viewers to specific products in the moment
Retail & Fashion | Maestro Live Streaming Analytics
Create Lasting Brand Connections

Reach new customers and build loyalty through video narrative and interactivity

A Natural Extension of Your Brand
Host Authentic Events
Drive Two-Way Conversation
Friendly design tools let you customize your platform to look and feel like you
Share your brand story with product pairings, tutorials, fireside chats and more
Create unique engagement with Chat, Polls, Trivia, Q&A, Gamification & Raffles
Analytics that Matter

Understand your attendees even better than you would in-person

Retail & Fashion | Maestro Live Streaming Analytics
Build Your Mailing List
Own the Data
Actionable Insights
Gain direct contact info with authentication, so you can grow your business
Know your customers and remarket afterwards to build momentum
Understand what’s working and optimize
Find more solutions
Adaptable for any need
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Retail & Fashion
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