You are the Maestro
Introducing a new role, the interactive director of the live stream
The Maestro engages audiences by driving user action at key moments
Turn streams into two-way conversations with interactive CTAs
  • Poll
  • Trivia
  • Prediction
  • Product Sale
  • Raffle
  • Tweet Highlight
  • Lower Third with CTA
  • Message with CTA
Call To Actions
  • Donate
  • Email Collect
  • Share to Facebook
  • Go to Channel
  • Open Link
  • Play Video
  • Show Sidebar Panel
  • Tweet / Retweet
Add context and interactivity to the video with customizable panels
Supported Panels
  • Brackets
  • Chat
  • Donations
  • HTML
  • Info
  • Image
  • Live Stats
  • Person Spotlight
  • Newsletter Invite
  • Product Sale
  • Schedule
  • Videos & Playlists
  • Quests
Quests & Raffles
Reward fans with prizes for participation and utilize gamification to optimize engagement
  • Watch a video
  • Watch for X minutes
  • Answer Poll
  • Retweet
  • Share
  • Visit Channel
  • Answer Trivia
  • Make prediction
Event Reports
Understand behaviors, compare streams, and inform stakeholders
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Grow an audience list with powerful segmentation and marketing tools
Impact Scores
Measure performance with our new metric system for interactive live streams
Convert viewers into customers without leaving your stream using seamless checkout flows
Offer unique sponsor integration opportunities built around interaction and authenticity
Empower viewers to donate to the streamer or a supported cause and be recognized
  • Deploy on Your Own Site / App
    Drive viewers to a customized destination on a domain or app you control
  • Authentication
    Integrate your custom authentication or Facebook, Google, Twitch and more
  • Any Video Player
    Our agnostic video player for Live and VOD supports all major platforms
  • White-Label
    Customized to look and feel like a natural extension of your brand
  • Api Integrations
    Build custom components and programmatically trigger overlays
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