It's an incredible time to be working in live video. Over the last century most companies have become media companies, producing content--especially video content--more and more. We believe that in this next century most companies will become broadcasters as live increases in importance and as it becomes intertwined into on-demand video strategies. Along with this trend, there is a new class of broadcasters emerging; it's not the traditional media broadcaster like CBS or NBC, and it's also not an individual Twitch, Periscope, or YouTube star. These new broadcasters--game publishers, eSports leagues and teams, music festivals, conferences, and so many more--are forging new broadcast strategies.


General Manager, East Asia

Software Developer

CEO & Founder

Graphic Designer

Ari Evans

Director of Sales

The Maestro of Maestros himself is a 5 year old at heart who translates ideas from his vast imagination into well-designed products used by millions. He’s the guy you always figured would be an entrepreneur after managing to turn each of his passions into businesses since age 12. At night he prays he’ll wake up as the greatest anime/videogame character of all time with sweet hair like Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.

On the daily Chung: pushes pixels, crafts interfaces, and wrangles images. In his free time he likes slaying dragons, picking stuff up, producing music, and cooking. If you want to get to know him better, try tweeting obscure memes or propane jokes at him.

Senior Software Developer

People have called him the Second Most Interesting Man, right after the Dos Equis guy. He considers himself more of a Renaissance Man, coder and pretzel aficionado.

Jason Gornall

When Chris isn't leading the sales efforts at Maestro, he can usually be found admiring nature or, as the ancient Greeks would say, "freeing himself" by studying the liberal arts. He also believes mobile games are best suited for the restroom.

Jason is that guy that has "the usual" everywhere he goes. He has been enjoying watching his favorite show on saturday (One Piece) since 1999 and yes he is caught up. He enjoys a good book on actual paper and listening to podcasts in his free time. Jason's main job is to poke buttons while sitting in a chair all day and somehow get paid for it! Yay Programming!

When Matthew was young, he fell in love with all kinds of media such as games, music, and movies. Even though he spent all his time playing, he managed to successfully graduate from university. With so much play time in his youth, Matthew feels no regret for working hard now. To him, Maestro is not a simple job, it has many opportunities and possibilities. Let him show you the world of Maestro's unlimited possibilities.

Software Developer

Chung Huynh

Steven Anderson

Since joining Maestro in 2014, Steve has been busy chasing his life-long dream of setting the official world record for consecutive number of days a Node.JS engineer can be employed to create Node.JS apps without ever writing JavaScript. Outside of work Steve likes swimming, biking, and running. And sometimes does all three together when he races Ironman triathlons. "Why would he want to do cardio for 142.6 miles?!", you ask? Because life isn't complete unless Mike Reilly's said your name at a finish line. 

Domen Vajevec

Account Manager

Chris Porter

Olivia Friedlander

A natural born Maestro, Olivia is responsible for conducting all client activations. From channel creation to the final stream, Olivia ensures all clients remain in tune before, during and after their live events. When she puts down her Maestro baton Olivia enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants and flexing her rap skills as MC Chubby Bunny.

Matthew Koo



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